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Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
10:35 pm
Congrats to my long time favorite football player, Mark Brunell...

This is Mark (and some guy named Brees) on a Mardi Gras float at the New Orleans "Hey look, we just won the Super Bowl!!" eight-hundred-thousand-people-showed-up-for-it parade.  Glad he was finally able to get a ring in the twilight of his career.  He's a class act, and he deserves a good break after the many bad breaks he's had over the last seven years.

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, December 13th, 2009
2:33 pm
[Cam] OWoD Concepts
So, trying to figure out where I wanna go with a character concept, but the idears ain't flowing as of yet. Never was big on Sabbat, so I'm not thinking thattaway unless something grabs my interest. Of the basic C/A clans, I've played 'em all except Brujah. I typically tend to play mental/social characters, but I'm not opposed to a combat character (although my OWoD combat-fu is woefully atrophied, and I might need some assistance with the cheese, especially since I can play a lower-gen PC now than I could back then and don't know the 7th gen powers as well). As a history buff I kinda wanna do an older character, but again, if the right concept comes along for something newer I'd be open to it.

One thing I *do* know is that I'm gonna come out of my shell a little this time around. I like to create these intricate loner-style character histories, but I think that I want to start off as part of a group of some sort. Coterie, political movement, secret society, Legion of Uber-Pwnage, etc...

Hoping to get the Lovely Becky sucked back into the game too. She burnt out on Requiem way back when (never play the Prince in an online Domain when you're sorta ambivalent about the venue anyway), but always enjoyed C/A, and kept her original PC from '97 through the end of the Chronicle.

Anyways, y'all should throw thoughts and ideas at me. Hopefully something will spark the creative juices.


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Sunday, December 6th, 2009
1:15 pm
Sunday, September 6th, 2009
4:32 pm
[Jacksonville Jaguars] Oh Noes!!!
Say it ain't so, Joe:


Man, Joe Zelenka not being a Jag anymore is one of those "never thought I'd see the day" type things. Never heard a bad thing about the guy. He always seemed to be a class act, and I'll bet that the locker room will really feel the loss, especially in a rebuilding year where so many other things are changing.

I know if makes perfect business sense, and the NFL is a business, but damn...

Current Mood: sad
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009
3:31 pm
[WoW] New droood forms...
Me: "Not bad. Not perfect either, but definitely better'n the ones they're replacing, especially the tauren kitty."

Small but vocal minority on the worldofwarcraft.com droood forums: "OH NOEZ!!! TEH NEW FORMS ARNT EKZACTLY WUT I WANTED!!!! I R TEH CENTR UV TEH WORLD!!! WTF BLIZZ!!!1!"

Me: *slap*

Current Mood: amused
Friday, April 24th, 2009
2:10 am
I don't know why, exactly, but this picture just cracks me up...

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
1:22 am
Wrestlemania thoughts...
Is it just me, or did Steamboat look like he could still go at the age of 50-whatever he is?

And boy did I dig HBK-Taker. No gimmicks, no ladders/tables/sledgehammers/limos/dumpsters/etc..., just kick-ass ring psychology, gritty physical performances, and an old-school respect for the emotional 'flow' of a great match. And that degree of relentless energy from two guys older'n I am. Loved it.

The rest was "eh...", and just "eh...".

Current Mood: satisfied
Saturday, March 21st, 2009
12:36 pm
An observation of science fiction fans...
I've noticed something from reading reviews of the BSG finale, both in the MSM and on blogs. The casual sf fan, or even the non-sf fan that just likes the show for the story and not for the technological flash, seems to have enjoyed it. A lot of the harder-core sf fans have hated it. I think it boils down to the following:

Many "serious" SF fans are some close-minded SoBs.

They can take FTL travel and Artificial Intelligence and life on other planets in stride, but put a little God in there and they lose it. "That's impossible!", "What a cop out!", "Lazy storytelling!", etc...

FTL drives aren't deus ex machina but a steady spirituality introduced and fleshed out over the entire four year run of the series is? Come on...

Mark Perigard of the Boston Globe wrote: "When did my grounded sci-fi show turn into “Supernatural”?" It did in Season One, with the President's visions and the Arrow of Apollo. In Season Two, with the search for the Tomb of Athena and the revelations found there. In Season Three, with the temple on the algae planet and the Eye of Jupiter and an entire star choosing just that moment to go nova in order to show the next step in the journey to Earth. Pretty much all of Season Four, most notably with Starbuck's resurrection. From the beginning with the constant importance of dreams and the unexplained "head Cylons", through the middle with the introduction of the Hybrids and their prophetic visions and the emergence of Starbuck's mysterious backstory, to the end with the rise of religious cults and the point where technology starts to fail, leaving a little Cylon/human girl as the last hope of both races. Hell, go back to the original series and the Beings of Light and even there you'll find a quasi-deified greater power that has looked out for mankind since long before the founding of the Colonies.

Battlestar Galactica is and always has been a spiritual show. If you can leave your prejudices behind and look at the finale from an unbiased perspective, you'll see how it all hangs together with everything that has come before it. If you can't get past that personal dogma then I feel sorry for you, because you're not letting yourself enjoy what most people seem to agree was one helluva powerful ending.
2:02 am
BSG finale redux...
Liked it even better the second time. The end result made the survivors' dogged persistence in the face of four years of soul-numbing despair worth it, and the spirituality that threaded through the whole episode just added a depth that had been teased for the past couple seasons without really being brought to fruition until tonight. I loved all the goodbyes; Starbuck's fate in particular was spot-on, and something I'd been hoping they'd have the nads to eventually do since she originally "died".

Loved it. Very satisfying. Kudos.

Current Mood: content
Friday, March 20th, 2009
11:08 pm
Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
5:48 pm
Another Observation:
Cammies + drama + mailing lists = Gah!!!

Current Mood: shocked
Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
6:26 pm
[Cam] Sooooo, soft reset...
I'm kinda "eh" about the whole thing. Not sure if I like it or dislike it, but either way the reaction this engenders isn't strong. Having to redo characters is kinda annoying though, and I'll probably end up officially retiring most of them.

Current Mood: apathetic
Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
12:44 am
End of an era...

Classy guy, and I'm glad that the Jags' management gave him a classy goodbye. I'll end up rooting for him next year no matter where he ends up.
Friday, October 17th, 2008
11:56 pm
Book recommendation...
I've probably read Greg Bear's "The Forge of God" a dozen times over the past twenty years, and every time I'll still get all misty-eyed at the end of it. The will melancholia stay with me for days, but it's a good melancholia, if you can believe that.

The scary thing is that the sorts of events it describes could be happening right now...

Current Mood: awake
Friday, September 19th, 2008
9:59 pm

Downright disrespectful, to say the least...

Current Mood: pissed off
Friday, May 2nd, 2008
5:52 pm
Cam question...
Hey Cammie types, what's going on that has so many folks making "whither the Cam now?" posts today?
5:50 pm
Hee hee...

Still have some fundamental problems with some of the Hawaiian sovereignty groups, but I like to see them get some attention.
Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
2:11 am
Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
12:28 am
Friday, February 22nd, 2008
5:37 pm
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